Thursday, November 09, 2006

Master Cup 2 Event 9

I managed to find a pretty good style in this level, with mambo adjusting some details and way to much hoyling than what's good I got, what I though to be a very good time, 55 secs. Eventhough I got my best result so far I was a little disappointed. I was 10th. NASCAR had totally different style and EA had kind of the same as our but with a little change that made it some secs faster. Mambo had actually also thought of something kinda of like that change but we decided it was impossible.

It sucked that EA did so good as many of the EA guys are those I compete with in the overall standings, so now a top10 overall seems pretty hard.

New level is somewhat mongo, but will hopefully get better once I get the style in my finger as last level did.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Jolly Coke

Last thursday when shopping for supplies for the weekend I saw that Jolly Coke was only 6,95 Dkr, not the first time I see this though, but I saw it again. Pepsi and Coca Cola is 12,95 and "cheap cola" is 4,95. So I decided to try out Jolly, been quite a long time since I've last tasted it. I drank it last night while watching Sideways, an enjoyable movie by the way. The Jolly was pretty good, much better than those cheap ones atleast. So I might begin to drink more Jolly, as Pepsi is just to expensive for me.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blogger Beta

I upgraded my blog to the new version of Blogger, which is still in Beta. It got some new nice features such as Labels/catagories and easy editing of the template. I made some changes in the layout as you can see, I kept the same main template but choosed some variation of it and change a bit myself.

First Snow

First snow of the season came today \o/

Well that's probably no news to you, but it came at my place too. Or so tells my mom as I was in school at the time, but I did see it there aswell. I would take a picture but there is no snow on the ground and it isn't snowing now, so that wouldn't even funnier than these two lines.

We ordered the Family package at Canal Digital some days ago. As you might know there's MTV EMA's tomorrow so MTV Denmark has been sending a lot of pre shows during the last week and I have watched a few. Earlier today I saw "10 best performances" which was pretty interesting.