Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Kopa Emmys (Nominees)

After reading about the Emmys on iMDB and because I simply love award shows I decided to make my own, with the TV shows of the last year I like the best. For now only nominees, but stay tuned untill Saturday when I will reveal the winners.

Outstanding Comedy Series

Arrested Development
How I Met Your Mother
What I Like About You

Outstanding Drama Series

Anna Pihl
The Scene
Desperate Housewives

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Zach Braff for "Scrubs"
Jason Bateman for ""Arrested Development
Michael Rapaport for "The War At Home"
Josh Radnor for "How I Met Your Mother"
Jason Lee for "My Name Is Earl"

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Terry O'Quinn for "Lost"
Ron Rifkin for "Alias"
Matthew Fox for "Lost"
Michael Vartan for "Alias"

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Amanda Bynes for "What I Like About You"
Cobie Smulders for "How I Met Your Mother"
Sarah Chalke for "Scrubs"
Jennie Garth for "What I Like About You"
Judy Reyes for "Scrubs"

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Marcia Cross for "Desperate Housewives"
Jennifer Garner for "Alias"
Evangeline Lilly for "Lost"
Teri Hatcher for "Desperate Housewives"
Charlotte Munck for "Anna Pihl"

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

David Cross for "Arrested Development"
Neil Patrick Harris for "How I Met Your Mother"
John C. McGinley for "Scrubs"
Paulo Costanzo for "Joey"
Jason Segel for for "How I Met Your Mother"

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Josh Holloway for "Lost"
Kevin Weisman for "Alias"
Jorge Garcia for "Lost"
James Denton for "Desperate Housewives"
Victor Garber for "Alias"

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Alyson Hannigan for "How I Met Your Mother"
Portia de Rossi for "Arrested Development"
Andrea Anders for "Joey"
Kaylee DeFer for "The War At Home"
Jaime Pressly for "My Name Is Earl"

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Emilie de Ravin for "Lost"
Andrea Bowen for "Desperate Housewives"
Maggie Grace for "Lost"
Mía Maestro for "Alias"
Cynthia Watros for "Lost"

Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Special

2006 MTV Movie Awards
The Teen Choice Awards 2006
The 78th Annual Academy Awards

Outstanding Reality Program

The Simple Life

Outstanding Animated Program

Family Guy
South Park
American Dad!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's gonna be legendary

This weekend turned out to be pretty awesome. So I decided to write about the whole weekend.

In last two lessons of school this old student from our school (ten years since he graduated) gave a talk about his business succes. It was done around a half an hour before the last lesson ended, but we (meaning me and three classmates) decided to call it a day. However I had left my bag in the class room so I went to get it and our teacher was already there, but as I had promised to drive kluie home and he was waiting outside the school I just went in quickly and took my stuff and left ( hurtig some en ninja! ;-) ).

I don't remember what I did that afternoon but probably just the usual stuff. In the evening I went to a party at Rune's place. He has made a nice bar in the basement, and has now also got a billard table down there. I arrived at exactly 8 o'clock, which was the time he'd said we should come. I was first one there, so we took a game of pool/billard (not sure which is which, but we played the thing without the pins). Later Anders came and a little later Dyhr came. Some more time went on and kluie came. And then no more people came, except another one around 11 I think. So not the big of a party but it was still pretty nice with some pool/billard playing (I played thing with the pins aswell later on). The musical highlights were "Roben og Knud - Uranhjorten" and "Wake me up before you go go", atleast in my opinion. He had bought absinth in spain so we had some, but it was way to strong for me so used maybe an hour drinking half the shot. So Rune offered to drink to rest if I took two whiskeys, which I did. I had bought some Vodka Caramel myself but only got one class of that.

I managed to get rather drunk I think. We went into the city around 1:00. That turned out to be pretty boring (no suprise). But I did run in to Anders (not the one mentioned earlier, but a family friend), who gave a shot and a drink. My sister was at a party with everyone from her school, from which my father was picking her up along with some of her friends which lives close to us, so my father would call my he did so, so he could pick me up too. Already around 2:00 I was really hoping that he soon would come, and luckily he called five minutes later.

I woke up around 10:30 after a failed attempt to sleepscore, fooling a bonus and I think one more scoring. After last night I was going to do pretty much nothing that day. I used pretty much the whole day watching How I met your mother episodes. Around 18 I did a little PHP coding though. I'm starting to be pretty close to finishing my project. By now maybe two pages that needs a little fixing up and it's ready. Then just a lot of boring stuff ahead, adding a lot of data to database and such.

My parents attended a weeding that day, from 15:00 and rest of the day. So me and my sister made dinner, minutes steaks and pasta with cheese. The steaks weren't that good, too spicy and dry. Later we made some popcorn and even later, after I had picked up my mom from the wedding and her and my sister had went to bed I had a Sun Lolly ice. But the thing that made this day so nice was How I met your mother. It's just sooo gooood. Absolutely hilarious. Maybe best comedy show since Friends. I've seen 16 episodes now, and I really hope it can keep up it's awesomeness in coming seasons. As for the headline, that's a quote from the show.

Today I woke to a nice surprise. At midnight ScT had celebrated it's one years birthday. Which means free leech week, 20gb upload credit and a lot of absolutely awesome releases. So today has been used on that, two How I met your mother episodes (so far) some PHP coding and ircing. Oh, and ofcourse the weekly Alias episode.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You gotta love cheap webhost's support

So after Kopasite had been taken down by my host for the fourth time because of spam being sent through it, I tried asking them if they could tell me what was causing it, as I had deleted both my phpBB and PHPFusion scripts. The only answer I got was this:

"Your webhotel will not be reopened, as we risk to get our IP-row shot down.. sorry."

Some time later I remembered I also had this little mail script to send records for the level packs, so that might has caused it, but the wouldn't try to help me finding out (and this is not the first time I got some completely useless answer from them), so I had no choice but to get a new host.

So I used some time trying to figure out which to change to, I had almost chosen surftown.dk but I couldn't get more than one domain there unless I choosed some very expensice package. Later I found a site with reviews of danish webhotels and found e-studio, a company where I've earlier had a BNC for Quakenet, but had forgot about them untill now. They were only company on that review site of those I checked that had some reviews and no bad ones. So after looking a bit at what they offered I choosed them.

The webhotel and domain was ready some time last night, so Kopasite is now back up on Kopaka.dk, though without the menu, as they don't support SSI. But I was going to make it PHP quite soon anyway.

I'm already falling in love with e-studio ( :* ), registration went very well, and they even has an IRC channel on quakenet, where I quite fast got answered the question about them supporting SSI.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yesterday was a god day

Yesterday after lunch I started watching last stage of Tour De France I had recorded as we weren't home that day. I knew who the winner was but still a must watch. After watching a little I remembered that it was today the B-test of Floyd Landis would come, so I checked ekstrabladet.dk while watching tour de france, and it turns out that the B-test was also positive, which means the tour win will be taken from him, and that means that Oscar Pereiro Sio will win the Tour. He rides for the team Caisse d’Epargne-Illes Balears, which is what was once called Banesto and has been my favourite team ever since I starting watching cycling. So ofcourse I'm very happy that they won the Tour again. \o/ :D

In the evening my parents went to the annual village party and my sister went to a friend of hers for sleepover. So I was home alone the whole evening. Had french hotdogs for dinner, eat them while watching an episode of Alias (S05E04). My father had brought home a projector from work which we've been seeing some movies on the last week or two, so I saw it on that. Was cool to watch Alias on such big screen, have only been seeing it on my 21'' so far.

I wanted to make use of the possibility to see something on the big screen and beeing able to turn the sound max up, so I decided to watch my The Corrs Live in Geneva DVD. Certainly the best concert I have ever seen on video, not because of the big screen and loud sound, the concert was truly NICE, those things just made it even better. 8]

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My 19th birthday

As I wasn't quite sure when I would return from petsen's place we hadn't really planned anything for my birthday. So I was woke up with the traditional morning birthday song, by my sister, brother and mother. My father had gone to work a couple of hours earlier. Therefore I didn't get my presents untill later.

It was the day of the Alpe D'huez stage in the Tour De France, so most of the afternoon was spent watching that. When my father came home we had some cakes and stuff and I got my presents.

  • A Garfield magazine
  • Trivial Pursuit bite size edition - celebrities
  • Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind DVD
  • Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow DVD
  • Pro Cycling Manager 2006 PC Game
  • Drengene Fra Angora Season 2 DVD (danish comedy show)
  • USB cable
Beside this I got money from my grandparents a few days earlier and money from some other family some days later.

In the evening I/we choosed to go see Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 Dead mans chest. Johnny Deep is just lovely in it, Keira Knigtley so cute and nice as always and Orlando Bloom is not that bad either. So all in all a quite good movie. Before watching the movie we went to this Italian resturant and I had some pasta thing which weren't quite as good as I had hoped.

All in all a nice day eventhough I had no visitors.

19 years... I'm getting old :/
Would be nice to stay 18 forever..