Friday, March 17, 2006

That feeling

I had the car today, so after school I drove downtown ( ;) ). First stop was discount store to buy pop corn and chips for the weekend. First time I went in there I had forgotten my money, so had to go back to the car to get it them.

After that I drove to the library. They have this book sale of old books this week. My mother and sister was there yesterday, and told that they had seen Gusiness Book of world records 2000 there. I wanted that, so I took down there to check if they still had it. However I found this fantasy/role play book, which was number one of a series of two, where I had bought the second at book sale there earlier. The sale was like "A bag of books for 25 kr." So I found a few other things I wanted too. Football 2000 international matches, Sport 2002 and 11 pc player magazines. The magazine that I sent snail mail to unsubsribe just after visiting library.

When I came home an talked to my mother it appeared that they had some books for sale in another room too where the Gusiness Book of world records 2000 had been yesterday. So it's likely that they still had it. Might go back later to get that.

Driving from library to post office it became quite hot in the car. 30 degress acording to the thermometer. So I opened the window. And that was when I for the first time this year got that feeling.. of summer.

Hot, fresh air and good music.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pulling myself together

This weekend I decided to do all that stuff that I usually never get done. A little surprising I have actually managed to do pretty much everything. A nice feeling that is. :)

Can't really remember what I've done, but atleast I've updated my webpages and clean up my room a little. But that's not as important as the fact that I got the things done.

In other news I ordered 50 DVD+R's and 50 CD-R's today. The DVDs are for backing up the data on my extern harddrive which has been troubling me for quite some time now. For example if I'm playing music from it, it can sometimes stop for like a half minute and then go on. Sometimes in can stop working for a longer time. Really frustrating and I have now decided to send it back to the place I bought it, and hopefully get a new. What I would really want was to get something else (read: normal harddrive and usb case to have it in), but I doubt that's a possibility. :I

16 days till I go to Ireland :o

Saturday, March 11, 2006


After skint0r made his new site I got really motivated to play his levels. So I've been playing skint levels, skint battle levels, skint hoyl levels and skint various levels. Playing a lot of levels have given me a lot of points for the kinglist and a few days ago I became fifth. There wasn't really more levels that I wanted to play so I started to improve my times in skint battle levels and took tijsjoris' fourth place. :P Right now we are having a little battle for the fourth place. I'm leading him with five points right now. So far I've only improved times in the first 22 battle levels, so there should be plenty of points to get still.