Saturday, February 25, 2006

Playing with php

Have been playing around with a little php the last past days. I've made this little site. The php part is the ExpandCollapse Review buttons and the stars, which are made with a function. Not much advanced yet, but I've just made the site to learn a little. I have some general knowledge from mirc scripting.

Olympics are going on and I'm trying to watch as much as possible. I miss some because of school and such so I bought 1 month acces to TV2's online broadcasting. Watched the cross-county sprint on it yesterday and it seems to work pretty fine. Althought it lost the connection one time.

For my 15 or 16 birtday or so I got two 3D puzzles. One of them are tower bridge which I made maybe two years ago. Have had it on top of my computer table for some time so you might have seen it on some pic. I other one are the statue of liberty. During the winter holiday last week I took the back from loft. Maybe half of it was put together, maybe less. However we managed to put all the pieces together, finished monday or tuesday this week. But so far it's only 2D, I have like 7-10 smaller pieces which are to be putted together so it becomes 3D. I hope to do that during the weekend.