Sunday, December 31, 2006

New harddrive

A while ago I decided that I couldn't stand my half defect external Maxtor drive anymore and wanted a new. So the 26th I ordered a 320gb WD and a Sandberg external USB box.

The day at arrival there was to package in our carport. In one of them only the usb cable I ordered for my printer, and in the other the harddrive. No box, it were sent from another place so I expected it to just be a day late, but later same day I looked in our mailbox and there was a note that I could pick up a package at the post office.

The new SATA harddrive I plugged into my comp to get the speed from SATA in my comp, and took my older 200gb WD ATA out to plug into the external box next day when I picked it up.

While plugging it in I scrathed my one finger so bleeded a lot :/

Anyway, I got it in and started installing windows on the new drive. Because my secondary 160gb maxtor drive were still in, that one became C: and windows installed on D: So the old was system drive and the new boot drive. I don't know if it matters, but I plugged the old one out and reinstalled windows to be sure.

The day after I picked up the external box and after fiddling a lot with it I got it open and plugged in the 200gb WD.

I have now 870gb all in all, but with 250gb half defect. The black one is the new one.

Just before starting to write this post I decided to start using more pictures here in order to spice it up a bit. ;-)

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