Monday, December 11, 2006

Master Cup 2 over

Master Cup 2 ended now more than a week ago. I ended on the 12th place which were quite satisfying. I had hoped for a top 10 but I never really got any good placements in any events, only two ninth and one tenth place. This was probably my most succesful cup, I was 45th in world cup five, which ofcourse had more paticipants. StockCar did fairly ok aswell, ending 4th. We were pretty close to EA at one point but they did some sick stuff in the last events and eventually ended on the second place.

It was really nice to see some activity from danish kuskis. Beside me jsim and sick_mambo also played pretty most all events. That's one more than in World Cup 5 :). Anyway I used a lot of time on this cup and I'm probably not going to play any other cups or such in some time atleast. Though I haven't cutted down that much on my playing time, but more on that later.


tijsjoris said...

all of a sudden you're pro, kopa. I'm jealous. =(

Kopaka said...


Well you still own my tt :/