Sunday, December 03, 2006

Du er den dårligste røv jeg har haft!

Yesterday Morten held a christmas eating/drinking party for a those couple of friends, including me, that starting hanging out together in tenth grade. With one missing and two girlsfriends we were ten there. It started at 18:00 with some traditional "julefrokost" food, and nice ice cream for dessert <3.

I had bought some Cuba Strawberry and Sprite for drinking. Other drank beers and a few some other kind of Cuba Vodka. Time was spent with some Langt Fra Las Vegas quoting (headline is such one), listening to De Nattergale, a beer game, random talking and so on.

At 0:30 we took a cab into the city. First we were at this place called Loftet for a short while, after which we took to another place called Morsø, where there's a lot of older people too. We were there untill around 2:00 when we took to the pizza place. After eating, I didn't have any though, we (meaning those five of us together at that time) took home.

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