Sunday, December 31, 2006


For christmas eve I was at home with my mom, dad, brother and sister. Also my grandparents and my mom's brother came. We had pork, duck potatoes ect. for dinner.

I gave these presents. Round silver one for my brother, square silver one for my sister, two red ones for my dad and another not on pic for my mother. (To ones to my mom and dad I gave together with my sister and brother.)

Inside the was: For sister: Cat poster, The Kingdom of Heaven poster, Green Day badge. For Brother: Ayrton Senna poster, Rammsteim poster. For dad: Pizza baking plate, and something. For mom: Sissel CD.

On christmas day as per tradition we meet with my dad's family and exchange presents and dance around tree again ect. This year it was at our place.

My presents. The paper is a 26 issue subscription to the Rolling Stone magazine.

Merry Christmas!

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