Thursday, November 09, 2006

Master Cup 2 Event 9

I managed to find a pretty good style in this level, with mambo adjusting some details and way to much hoyling than what's good I got, what I though to be a very good time, 55 secs. Eventhough I got my best result so far I was a little disappointed. I was 10th. NASCAR had totally different style and EA had kind of the same as our but with a little change that made it some secs faster. Mambo had actually also thought of something kinda of like that change but we decided it was impossible.

It sucked that EA did so good as many of the EA guys are those I compete with in the overall standings, so now a top10 overall seems pretty hard.

New level is somewhat mongo, but will hopefully get better once I get the style in my finger as last level did.

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