Sunday, October 29, 2006

I like boobs

Biwer had a small party this friday, we where eight people there. I came a little past and was the second to arrive. During the next hour the rest arrived. I drank the last of my Cuba Caramel and the others beers. Time was spent with some beer card games.

Shortly after midnight two took home and the rest of us took into town. First we went to this place called Toldboden where there this night were some live rap called "Total Undergrund" ... :S Did _not_ please my ears. Just thinking of that by paying the entrance I might have paid a little money to the performers made me die a little inside.

Later we went to this other place called Loftet. A guy I know works there and was working this night so got a free cult shaker and a shot something :). Me and him drank the shot together, but yesterday he told me that he had only had water in his...

Went home around 3:00.

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epp said...

sounds very nice kop! very very nice!