Tuesday, October 10, 2006


As it had been Zerox', Napol's and enil's birthdays we, the FVANG team, decided after some long discussions on IRC to meet up for dinner last Friday on this place called Bone's, which is in Herning.

I drove from home a little past five in the afternoon. We had decided to meet at Zerox' place first. I was there around half pass six, and just I had stood out of the car Napol and epp arrived aswell. A few minutes later also enil. At Zerox' place we had a beer and, some random talk, listened music and saw some Family Guy. Then it was time to leave. I drove the 10 mins drive to Herning. Before going to Bone's me and enil had to stop by and ATM to get some cash. At the ATM this guy stood next too and said something like "There's no more cash in it, I took the last"... haha... :(

Anyway, it was raining so we ran to Bone's, where we after waiting a short while got to our table.
I had a "Love me tender steak". Sach name <3.>

Afterwards we drove back to Zerox' place, but stopped at a Shell to get some beers, but as we were there we decided to drive by Napol's place instead and get some of his beers. So we drove there while listening to some "Madonna - Like A Virgin" "Dancing DJs vs. Roxette - Fading Like A Flower remix". When we got back to Zerox' place we drank beers, watched my world cup movie and an episode of American Dad, and saw Zerox' play world of sand. Close to midnight me, Napol and epp drove with enil in epp's car to drop of Napol at his place and the other three of us crashed at epp's place. Before sleeping we saw some "P.I.S." and "I Shouldn't be alive".

In the morning epp drove us to Zerox' place to get our cars and I drove to Skive for birthday lunch at my aunt.


epp said...

was a good time i think ^__^

Kopaka said...

That's true!