Monday, October 02, 2006

(almost) Home alone

This weekend my parents stayed at this castle, a trip my dad gave my mom in silver wedding present. So me and my sister were home alone. She had a friend staying over friday night. Friday we had pizza for dinner. After dinner I saw Thank you for smoking which I didn't like, so I saw Old School afterwards, which I've already seen before, but I wanted to be sure to see a good movie. Saturday contained of some family guy watching, The Break-up and php'ing. After dinner I saw Billy Madison with my sister. PHP coding didn't went so well this weekend, I'm having some trouble with the in_array function.

Sunday my parents came home around 15:00 and for dinner my sister convinced me to drive 15km to buy chinese food, but they didn't have take-away after 16:00 :/. So we bought some sandwiches at a pizza place on the way home instead.

hoho =D


Anonymous said...

being home alone rulze :)

epp said...

it was me who wrote teh :s