Monday, September 11, 2006


Despite it being Monday I had been looking forward to today, as the new seasons of Family Guy and The War At Home would start. After getting home and checking lauta and such I found leftover popcorn from the weekend and the half litre cola I had bought on the way home and saw Family Guy. Such nice, and a great episode it was. Later I saw The War At Home, which had a nice start of the season as well. September is really a nice month, as all the tv shows starts again, and new one starts. Last friday I saw pilot of Happy Hour and 'Til Death. Both shows seemed pretty nice and especially Happy Hour was quite funny.

While waiting for CS-Manager to finish updating for the 12th season I made a new clanpage for my clan. You can see it here. As you can guess my clan is called ":) • Friends •".

Tomorrow my laptop will be sent somewhere to get repaired. The right hinge holding the moniter has broken. Picture.

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epp said...

je0 man new family guy was nice :*