Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Master Cup 2

Master Cup 2 started 1½ week ago. I choosed to skip the first level, as there's always many people playing the first level. Haven't been playing much lately except a one or two skint levels a day, and some time ago the uni levels. However I'm somehow motivated to play this cup. The second event is a pretty cool level. I have made the good start now four times but the time I got the farthest I died at 1:06. So best finish so far is 2:02.

It seems that Sick Mambo and maybe also jsim will be playing, so maybe possiblity for some national cooperation there ;-). I don't expect to see much action from my team.

On a site note I saw Bring it On All or Nothing yesterday. Hayden Panettiere playing the main charactor is simply one of the hottest persons I have ever seen :o. Check our her iMBD page for more info and pictures of her.

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epp said...

je0 pretty cute, but nothing next to Scarlett Johansson :)