Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You gotta love cheap webhost's support

So after Kopasite had been taken down by my host for the fourth time because of spam being sent through it, I tried asking them if they could tell me what was causing it, as I had deleted both my phpBB and PHPFusion scripts. The only answer I got was this:

"Your webhotel will not be reopened, as we risk to get our IP-row shot down.. sorry."

Some time later I remembered I also had this little mail script to send records for the level packs, so that might has caused it, but the wouldn't try to help me finding out (and this is not the first time I got some completely useless answer from them), so I had no choice but to get a new host.

So I used some time trying to figure out which to change to, I had almost chosen but I couldn't get more than one domain there unless I choosed some very expensice package. Later I found a site with reviews of danish webhotels and found e-studio, a company where I've earlier had a BNC for Quakenet, but had forgot about them untill now. They were only company on that review site of those I checked that had some reviews and no bad ones. So after looking a bit at what they offered I choosed them.

The webhotel and domain was ready some time last night, so Kopasite is now back up on, though without the menu, as they don't support SSI. But I was going to make it PHP quite soon anyway.

I'm already falling in love with e-studio ( :* ), registration went very well, and they even has an IRC channel on quakenet, where I quite fast got answered the question about them supporting SSI.

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epp said...

i am happey for you kop \o/