Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yesterday was a god day

Yesterday after lunch I started watching last stage of Tour De France I had recorded as we weren't home that day. I knew who the winner was but still a must watch. After watching a little I remembered that it was today the B-test of Floyd Landis would come, so I checked while watching tour de france, and it turns out that the B-test was also positive, which means the tour win will be taken from him, and that means that Oscar Pereiro Sio will win the Tour. He rides for the team Caisse d’Epargne-Illes Balears, which is what was once called Banesto and has been my favourite team ever since I starting watching cycling. So ofcourse I'm very happy that they won the Tour again. \o/ :D

In the evening my parents went to the annual village party and my sister went to a friend of hers for sleepover. So I was home alone the whole evening. Had french hotdogs for dinner, eat them while watching an episode of Alias (S05E04). My father had brought home a projector from work which we've been seeing some movies on the last week or two, so I saw it on that. Was cool to watch Alias on such big screen, have only been seeing it on my 21'' so far.

I wanted to make use of the possibility to see something on the big screen and beeing able to turn the sound max up, so I decided to watch my The Corrs Live in Geneva DVD. Certainly the best concert I have ever seen on video, not because of the big screen and loud sound, the concert was truly NICE, those things just made it even better. 8]


epp said...

this is nice reading, but i dont see any writing about fvang lan. plz nigger? >:D

Kopaka said...

I'm waiting till I get all pictures so I can remember what happened :I

epp said...

ok suresen :(

Kopaka said...

ka du selv være epp