Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My 19th birthday

As I wasn't quite sure when I would return from petsen's place we hadn't really planned anything for my birthday. So I was woke up with the traditional morning birthday song, by my sister, brother and mother. My father had gone to work a couple of hours earlier. Therefore I didn't get my presents untill later.

It was the day of the Alpe D'huez stage in the Tour De France, so most of the afternoon was spent watching that. When my father came home we had some cakes and stuff and I got my presents.

  • A Garfield magazine
  • Trivial Pursuit bite size edition - celebrities
  • Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind DVD
  • Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow DVD
  • Pro Cycling Manager 2006 PC Game
  • Drengene Fra Angora Season 2 DVD (danish comedy show)
  • USB cable
Beside this I got money from my grandparents a few days earlier and money from some other family some days later.

In the evening I/we choosed to go see Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 Dead mans chest. Johnny Deep is just lovely in it, Keira Knigtley so cute and nice as always and Orlando Bloom is not that bad either. So all in all a quite good movie. Before watching the movie we went to this Italian resturant and I had some pasta thing which weren't quite as good as I had hoped.

All in all a nice day eventhough I had no visitors.

19 years... I'm getting old :/
Would be nice to stay 18 forever..

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