Sunday, July 09, 2006

Returned from the Mediterranen

We returned from Croatia around 22:00 Friday evening. They didn't have sockets that my laptop power cable fitted it in our house, so I didn't get anything written while beeing there. I will write some kind of report later.

Some things happened while I was gone.

They have started digging down fiber (for internet, tv, phone ect.) in my village. However, they are standing still at the moment. Because they are digging down power at the same time, and together with that putting up new streetlights, but the municipally will only pay for new ones in half the village, so they are disussing that or something, and can't continue untill done with that. :I

Is kinda sad what happened to the Tour De France. I really hope that most of the accused will be find not guilty. Not that I think it's ok to cheat, but I don't think they hav taken more than anyone else.

A few new movies have come, I'm especially looking forward to see She's the man. Been quite a long time since last Amanda Bynes movie. But first I'm going for the annual America Pie watching. :P Propably won't start before tomorrow though because of soccer final tonight.

It was nice that Germany atleast won the bronze match, though I had really hoped to see them tonight.


Abula said...

you can use paper and pen for writing down thins in travel.

Kopaka said...

Paper and pen? what is that?


But yes, should atleast have written down some headlines.