Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Meeting tijsjoris (and Xiphias)

Monday the 17th tijsjoris was visiting petsen as part of his scandinavian trip with his brother Daan. So petsen arranged for some danish kuskis to come to his place and meet tijsjoris, as Xiphias is in Denmark at the time be came also.

Around 15:00 I drove from Dragstrup to Fjelstervang to pick up enil and then to Århus to petsen's place. vk was there when we came. Later jsim came and short after we picked up Xiphias at the bus station. We when came back tijsjoris had just arrived. So we said hi and went inside. Later also Sick Mambo came.

Time was spent with random talking, dart playing, beer drinking, elma playing and such. I played some dart with Daan and some flag tag with tijsjoris (I will upload replay later, I'm at enil's place now with laptop where it was played on.). Later I also did some random internal crusising with tijsjoris. Was indeed nice to meet him and Xiphias, whose wr replay we got to see ;).

I drove home around 1:30 in the night. Was nice to drive in the night as there wasn't many cars, but I was kinda tired though.

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epp said...

najs Kop i lav you :*