Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Plans for the Summer

I had my last exam this year yesterday, didn't went as well as I would have hoped and I got a 7.

So now it's holiday untill sometime in August, and here is what my plans are so far.

Football World Cup 2006 Haven't watched much football last few years, I think I might already have watched more the last two weeks than I have the last two years. Been watching a lot already and plan to watch a lot more too. Too bad the ending is same time as the next thing, but there are TV in our house so we can watch it anyway. My favourite teams are Ivory Coast and Germany. Ivory Coast lost two first matches and are already out, eventhough they have played some nice football. However I am absolutely sure Germany will go very far this year again.

Croatia Vacation Together with my parents, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, two cousins and four more family friends I'm going to Croatia for some 10 days plus the drive, two days each way. Looking forward to this, as last vacations with these same people rates as some of the best I've been on. It might be a little too hot there for my liking though. However the worst thing being missing two weeks of #ranks'ing. :I I'm afraid Jeppe might catch me, and I was just getting close to top 20. But I will just have to catch up on the lost points in the time to follow.

Tour De France 2006 This will start before we get home from Croatia but it will just be some of the more boring flat stages I will miss. I'm glad to finally be home at the time of the mountain stages. Armstrong is now gone, hence it will be very exciting to see who can win. I'm hoping for Mancebo to go all the way this year.

FVANG LAN Me, Zerox, eppeJ, enil and hopefully also Napol will join at enil's place in week 30 for some serious #ranks'ing, drinking, grilling, hoyling and so on. FVANG team on #ranks have recently made it to the spot as the second best team, moving quite much faster that HOLJA (no. 1) at the moment. If we don't take them before, I'm positive we will here :)

Movies I plan to be watching the following movie series during the summer: Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Jurassic Park, Charlies Angels, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen DVD box and American Pie. Beside some other single movies ofcourse.

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