Saturday, June 17, 2006

ESC 2006

Had expected Denmark to do quite much better this year than they did. We were auto qualified to the final after the 10th place last year, with a song that in my opinion sucked. But appearently "Twist of Love" didn't stand out enough. I thing that I believe to be very important in this competion. I mean, song can be ranked second or third in someone's opinion, but they only give one vote, so eventhough some song is belived to be second, third, fourth ect. best it won't get any votes. I also believe this to be the reason that the four big countries (Germany, England, Spain, France is it?) rarely do that well. They make quality songs, but just not the best.

However one song did stand out this year so to speak. I saw the music video on youtube a single time before the semi final. Didn't realized then how good it was. But immediately after watching it at the semi final I got a nice feeling about it. I choose to gamble a little money on them, 6.66€ on Finland as winners and 4€ on Ukraine in top3. When Finland won it gave me about 85€. Quite a nice amount of money. :p~ Have gambled once before on the ESC, in 2001 on Sweden. They became fifth.

Beside Hard Rock Hallelujah there were some other very nice songs this year. Ukraine's 'Show me Your Love', Greece's 'Everything', Germany's 'No No Never', England's 'Teenage Life', Denmark's 'Twist of Love' and Iceland's 'Congratiolations' which unfortunately didn't go the the final. They have been a big part of the daily playlist since. As you also can see from my profile.

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Anonymous said...

heah, how sick that you won so much with that, ez jealous :(