Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Danish elma meeting April 2006

Friday after school I hurried home to pack the car so I could drive as fast as possible. I left at 14:00. I drove wrong like 3 times when I drove down to Zerox' place, my krak map didn't help that much. I think I drove wrong after Holstebro or something. But I got there. Hadn't seen his new house and room, so was nice to get a look. He could direct me to enil's place.

After picking enil up we drove to Aabenraa without big problems, with the help of my krak map and the cities enil had written down we had to drive through. We were at the place at 18:00 I think. On the highroad we heard Evenescence - Anywhere but home Live.

It was a little caotic in the start caus of many things. People was late, thanatos stranded in northern Denmark, and computers not working. A few new people there to meet, including my LaMe team mate insane guy. Had never thought I would meet anyone from my team, so that was really nice.

Was nice to start battling and have something to eat. Me, eppeJ, enil, Zerox and Napol eat at the pizza place next to both evenings. The other too, but took their pizza with them back to the meeting. First night Luther joined us aswell. Is nice to do a few things together where computers are not included :).

Later at night it was time for the flagtag battle. In first round I met team mate insane guy. I won with a fairly big gap. This was first time two LaMe members have ever played multi together. Next round I met enil, and won once again. This was a quite even match. In the final I met petsen, and took the victory \o/. Was pretty even match as well.

Quite early next day there was a battle, and afterwards a soccer match. Again stuff without computer is nice too. Later was the 1 hour TT battle. I really like this competition and had been looking forward to it. It went quite well. Fucked up end it Spiral and died in Downhill, beside that only a few minor mistakes. At the end I had only Lap Pro and AH left, giving me a TT of 1:11:58,29, which gave me the victory \o/.

For dinner me, Napol, epp, enil and Zerox walked to this other pizza place, where I shared a hawaii with napol. At the meeting overall I had two and a half hawaii pizza, one of them with dressing. Walking there we walked by some 7 mega bik motorbikes parked, one of them having registration number "The King".

Beer battle was a little boring cause you only got to play quite little time. However it was quite much fun to watch people play on the big screen.

Around 2:00 we lost all power on the story. The box to turn it on again was behind alarmed door so we couldn't get it back. Kinda bad luck :I. We had no power rest of the meeting. Me, Napol, Vandmand, Fishen and Rigger played poker while most others sat and drank beers and talked. There was a little corner with light from the bathroom and the story above. Became third in poker, and we played another game, were I became second. Vandmand winning both times. Went to sleep afterwards around 5:00.

Sunday not much happened so people left early. But first we sang birthday song for eppeJ who became 18 a week before. They had even bought a nice cake saying "Congratiolation, epp 18y, from the elma crew" (or something). Tasted quite good.

Then we had group picture, packed, said goodbye (had minor chat we insane guy, saying goodbye. He said he might show up at another DEM sometime, that would be nice ;)) and took home. On the way home I had eppeJ and Napol with me in the car. I forgot pieing before leaving so at a point on the highway I _really_ had to pie, and drove 150 most of the time to the next pieing place. Is so long between those :/.

Then I drove to Napol and epp's places and home. No problems finding the right way on the way home. I came home around 4:30 to an empty house. Took a shower, made popcorn and watched an episode of Scrubs, following by an episode of Friends. Damn that was nice.

Quite tired the next day in school.

You can see some pictures on moposite later I believe, I didn't bring my camera this time.

luv <3


tijsjoris said...

sounds like it was well organised >:P

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