Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Using christmas present money.. and some more

For christmas I got a few presents and some money from grandparents. After the present opening thing was over I thought I hadn't gotten very many presents, helped a little when getting the money from grandparents though while getting coffee and such.

From my parents I got an 17" LCD monitor. :O Kinda nice. ;-) Beside that I got:
Two toilet bags
fcuk him deodorant
Batman Begins
We Were Soldiers
Peter Jackson collection
2 cl cup for measuring alcohol
Thing to store credit cards in

So I had 40€ plus 17.5€ for one of the toilet backs to buy something for. Had looked at this Jennifer Garner biography "Deadly beauty" on amazon some time ago so I went there to see what nice things I could get from there. Found quite a lot I wanted but didn't ordered it all.

The Alias one is the first of the serie which I already have 2-3-4 of, which I haven't read yet. Ordered that one from the amazon marketplace, it is on it's way now and should arrive soon. Looking forward to starting reading those.

Even though I had already used more than the money I got on amazon I had to order a few CDs too. Did this few days later. Had these three CDs I wanted but didn't knew if I should get them all, but they all seemed nice so had too. :)

Uhh and I made zig zag 1:26,66 january first, but with some major five sec fuck up, so should be able to get better. Have better TT than enil now though. ;-)

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