Monday, January 23, 2006


The Alias book arrived fairly quick and I started reading it. Read max a chapter everyday to make it last some, they're nat that long. Finished it last friday. Nice novel I think, atleast have to read all of them :). I hope for rest of the amazon order to arrive soon. Should arrive between 27 jan - 14 feb.

Last friday too I skipped school, we had to go to this Education mess thing. Sach didn't felt like going there.

Been playing more internals. Just after coming home from school today I played Ramp Frenzy for like 2 minutes and did 57,84. 3 sec improve from yestedays 1:00,90. TT is now 43:25,20.

We got our half year grades today, were pretty ok, only surprises was good ones. 6 in danish oral, history and social studies. 10 in danish written :o and math written. 11 in business economy. Rest were 8's and 9's.

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