Sunday, January 29, 2006

20 years birthday

Yesterday one of my friends held his twentieth birthday. I sms'ed him 18:30 about when it started and he answered now. But I still had to shower and get some food so I got there a little late. Then it turns out he served food there, so I hadn't needed to eat from home. Was a nice evening, talking, paying table football and card drinking game. To my surprise this guy who lives 200 meter next to me were there aswell. Turns out he's going to the same school as Dyhr (the guy that had birthday).

Is funny how I meet old friends in new asociations. :)

At around 24 we took taxa to the city. Time here was spent with some dart, air hockey and billard.

Got home some past 3. I woke up again 5:30 not feeling very well, and it took not long before I threw up. :/ One of the most gross things I've ever experienced. First for some thing nothing came up and afterwards I still had that bad taste in the mouth and throat.

Today was spent with some movie making, Death Rally playing and watching Friends, Dawson's Creek and Alias.

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