Monday, January 30, 2006


I just did a quite needed update in the side bar thing. Removed some blog links, some have not been used to some months so I didn't wanted to have them there anymore.

I added links to my Jennifer Garner site, imdb rating list, and my CD and DVD collections.

Last I added a new catagory there, frequently visited, with some pages and news sources I like.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

20 years birthday

Yesterday one of my friends held his twentieth birthday. I sms'ed him 18:30 about when it started and he answered now. But I still had to shower and get some food so I got there a little late. Then it turns out he served food there, so I hadn't needed to eat from home. Was a nice evening, talking, paying table football and card drinking game. To my surprise this guy who lives 200 meter next to me were there aswell. Turns out he's going to the same school as Dyhr (the guy that had birthday).

Is funny how I meet old friends in new asociations. :)

At around 24 we took taxa to the city. Time here was spent with some dart, air hockey and billard.

Got home some past 3. I woke up again 5:30 not feeling very well, and it took not long before I threw up. :/ One of the most gross things I've ever experienced. First for some thing nothing came up and afterwards I still had that bad taste in the mouth and throat.

Today was spent with some movie making, Death Rally playing and watching Friends, Dawson's Creek and Alias.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Best of 2005

I decided to make a list of the best things of 2005 in different catagories. Runner ups are kinda ordered but not totally. All are things made in 2005, or which I experienced the first time in 2005.


Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Runner ups:
American Pie Band Camp
Batman Begins
Garden State

Comment: Star Wars 3 I consider not only the best movie of 2005 but of all time. Star Wars 2 was untill the first time I saw this in the cinema. However this one is still much better. Hoping for a Episode 1-2-3 DVD box to be released soon.

TV Show


Runner ups:
What I like about you
Desperate Housewives

Comment: I watch one episode from my DVDs each weekend, so far a third into third season. It is just incredibly nice. :) Love Jennifer Garner.


Britney Spears - Someday (I will understand)

Runner ups:
Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes
Melanie C - Next Best Superstar
Vanilla Ninja - Cool Vibes
Gracia - Run & Hide
Nightwish - Nemo

Comment: This was the hardest one to choose. I was down to Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears, I think what decided it was that I can't at all relate to the text in Behind these hazel eyes. Someday (I will understand) just hit me somewhere, and it totally.. what you call it? Work/feel/swing?


Avril Lavigne

Runner ups:
The Corrs

Comment: Her second album Under my skin has been in my stereo's 5CD changer like all year, and for a long time the first thing I did when coming home from school was playing that.

Elma achievement

More than 1½ min TT improvement in one month

Runner ups:
World Cup 45 place
Upside Down 1:05,48
Lab Pro Bounce
Enigma Bounce

Comment: Not playing much internals for a very long time caused I could do a lot of tricks quite easily, and my TT been dropping even more after that month, which was december +/- some days. An achievement that really changed my elma life, internals much higher ranged personally now, and elma 2 not that needed for some time atleast.


Sims 2 University

Runner ups:
Need For Speed Underground 2
Lego Star Wars

Comment: Haven't been playing that much games the last year, but Sims 2 is good. One thing I really like is it not being linear, which like all other games are, even though they try making it otherwise.


The Alias book arrived fairly quick and I started reading it. Read max a chapter everyday to make it last some, they're nat that long. Finished it last friday. Nice novel I think, atleast have to read all of them :). I hope for rest of the amazon order to arrive soon. Should arrive between 27 jan - 14 feb.

Last friday too I skipped school, we had to go to this Education mess thing. Sach didn't felt like going there.

Been playing more internals. Just after coming home from school today I played Ramp Frenzy for like 2 minutes and did 57,84. 3 sec improve from yestedays 1:00,90. TT is now 43:25,20.

We got our half year grades today, were pretty ok, only surprises was good ones. 6 in danish oral, history and social studies. 10 in danish written :o and math written. 11 in business economy. Rest were 8's and 9's.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Using christmas present money.. and some more

For christmas I got a few presents and some money from grandparents. After the present opening thing was over I thought I hadn't gotten very many presents, helped a little when getting the money from grandparents though while getting coffee and such.

From my parents I got an 17" LCD monitor. :O Kinda nice. ;-) Beside that I got:
Two toilet bags
fcuk him deodorant
Batman Begins
We Were Soldiers
Peter Jackson collection
2 cl cup for measuring alcohol
Thing to store credit cards in

So I had 40€ plus 17.5€ for one of the toilet backs to buy something for. Had looked at this Jennifer Garner biography "Deadly beauty" on amazon some time ago so I went there to see what nice things I could get from there. Found quite a lot I wanted but didn't ordered it all.

The Alias one is the first of the serie which I already have 2-3-4 of, which I haven't read yet. Ordered that one from the amazon marketplace, it is on it's way now and should arrive soon. Looking forward to starting reading those.

Even though I had already used more than the money I got on amazon I had to order a few CDs too. Did this few days later. Had these three CDs I wanted but didn't knew if I should get them all, but they all seemed nice so had too. :)

Uhh and I made zig zag 1:26,66 january first, but with some major five sec fuck up, so should be able to get better. Have better TT than enil now though. ;-)