Sunday, June 26, 2005

Long time no see

Haven't posted in a while, don't know why, maybe just nothing really has happened.

Friday evening and was on a bus travel to german border with 4 friends shopping some for vacation. Bought soda, vodka, candy, capri sonne and DVD+R's. See the stuff here. We weren't home untill 1:30 at the night.

WCup started again after break, I didn't play the new level much, but I still managed to get an ok time, got 18 points thuogh. :D I'm now 53rd overall. Now hoping for better than just top 50. I think I'll be able to get a nice placement in next level, it is rather long level, haven't played more han 2 mins yet though.

Yesterday my brother came home for the summer. He is studying at the university in big city 1½ hour away.

Beachvolly later today, more in dept posts later. :b

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So I paid for elma

A couple of days ago I suddenly decided to pay for elma, or not that suddenly, lately I've been wanting to do it now with wcup5 and such, and ofcourse been wanting to do it forever. So I did. The next day I got the email and downloaded it, I even installed from the download, just to have a "fresh" elma. :)

So yesterday I cycled on my racing bike for the first time this year. I drove to work on it. It's around 10 km, took around 25 mins, both ways. Was nice to cycle some, and I will for sure do it again, probably already tomorrow.

I had expected this week without wcup to be kinda elma free. But it has not been. Yesterday I played a danish battle or two. Today I took a single external record (wezz100.lev), and I played 1 hour tt. Which btw I won. \o/ :D

1) 01:29:46:02 balle (kopaka)
2) 01:41:49:08 toNy (infected)
3) 02:32:59:23 bongo (karesz)
4) 02:55:23:78 ReCy (sierra)
5) 03:28:02:42 isax (maala)
6) 04:56:35:61 mongo (khemp)

People just don't get that they should not try the hard styles, but maybe they played them so much they don't remember the worse styles, hehe :). Atleast I have worst real tt of those who played. :P

Today I've been doing not much, was at work though. Which eventually turned out to be the funniest day at work ever. Well, only last 40 minutes, first 110 minutes was kinda normal. Anyway my dad works there too (as IT designer), so I had to unpack 6 new pc's and put an extra RAM block into them. Might now sound that fun, but it was very fun compared to what I usually do. :D

At the way home from work I bought a 3 pack frosen pizza and two bags of chips for only 6€. The pizzas where extremely boring though, eat one for lunch. So had to put some extra ham and cheese on it myself.

Summer holiday is the best. Just watching movies and doing nothing. :P

Sunday, June 12, 2005


I did make the fast end style. Saturday I found a little easier way of doing it. I played some doing the day saturday and made two finishes 1.25 and 1.20. Then after watching Star Wars IV in the evening I played again, I played untill I made it. And luckily I made it rather fast, and got 1.09. Today results were announced and yeah 26th \o/ Which more than doubled my overall points. Now 57th overall. Would be nice to get in top 50 atleast.

Saturday was first day in summer holiday (still have a single exam though), and it felt so nice. I didn't have that feeling I tend to have during weekends "only 2 days before school again, what to do, I don't want to waste the time" and such. I could just do whatever I felt like. So in the evening I saw Star Wars IV A New Hope with my family. (as you could read earlier I bought the DVD collection with the three old Star Wars movies.) It was a very long time ago I saw it last, can't really remember if I've seen it more than once before. I couldn't remember anything about what happened in the movie. So was nice to see it, especially when I've now seen the three new movies.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Somewhat confusing

This week have been somewhat confusing. Monday morning my moped wouldn't start. In the evening me and my dad cleaned the inside of the carburetter with a compressor which we bought on the way home from work. Also I cleaned a few other parts on the outside. After this it could start again, and now drove better than before also. So I drove to school tuesday, but as I was going home it wouldn't start again. :X After talking with my dad I walked to the repair man and arranged for them to see it on thursday. Then I went to work by bus and afterwards me and my dad collected my moped with trailer. Afterwards we got it running ourselves and it ran fine. So wednesday I had to call repairman and cancel. But I still had to drive past them today to collect a speedometer wire and an indicator. Also I bought some white spray paint somewhere else to paint some plastic on it. Lately I bought a magasine which had a poster with (surprise surprise) Star Wars. Not the main reason I bought it though, it also had a comedie on DVD, nice :P The magasine is called MIX, this is my new none cartoon/comp magasine now. Just don't remember to buy it very often. :/

Today in school I only did something for 5 minutes, which were fixing some errors on the website. After that I did nothing the whole day. I played a lot of wcup, looked at some computer parts and talked with friends. We are done with the project, only thing we have to do tomorrow is printing the paper and burning the website to CD. And then there is only the presentation left on friday 19th and then holiday. :D

Wcup level is going rather nice. No finishes yet though. Some parts are rather painfull. The fast ending seems to be pretty hard, but I might be able to do it. <3>

After buying the stuff I had driving lesson, work and then teoretically driving lesson. So now is max relax time. Oh by the way I took pictures from my work today, gonna show later.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Bowling.. I'm master

Thursday evening and Friday in school me and some of my friends decided to go bowling Friday night. Later also choosed to go swimming first.

So at around 17:45 hanson picked me up and we drove to Jesperhus (big camping place, which has bowling, swimming bath, pizza place, big flower park ect.). Except when I was in the summerhouse with swimming pool some time ago, it is very long time since I've been swimming. Nice to try again actually. We were also outside swimming, rather cold though. I haven't eaten dinner before we went there so I expected to get something to eat between swimming and bowling, but we didn't have time.

First game of bowling (10 rounds) didn't went very well, I got 95 points. But it went much better in next time where I got 137 points (personal record, beating the 12x points I got last schoolday.). We had paid for an hour, which is enough time for around two games (when beeing 4-5 players on each course.). But after the first hour we decided to pay for another hour. So 3. game didn't went that well either, I got 98 points, but was a shared first place on my course though. However in 4. game I got 133 points. My 133 and 137 points only got beaten once by one of the other when Michael got 165 :o. I've found a nice technic where I don't throw the ball very hard, but precisly. This causes that I don't get strike very often as there is needed quite much speed to get them all down. But I quite often get a spare, I got about 6 or 7 in the one game.

Afterwards we stood outside for some time talking about what to do now, but we couldn't agree on anything. After some time we all drove home, except me and two others (those two I drove to there with) who took into the city to get a pizza. It was around 23:00 and I was _REALLY_ hungry. Never eaten a pizza that fast, and also got a single slice from one of the others.

Then we drove home.

Today I attached my new posters to the wall. First I took one down, moved two, and moved one very little so there was space for another just between it.

I didn't hoyl the WCup event 6 level very much, and as expected didn't got any points, didn't like the level. However event 7 level seems very nice and I hope to win some places in standings this week.

Friday, June 03, 2005

School Project

During this and next week we have an exam project in school. It's about youth culture, in our group we have decided to focus on immigrates. We are supposed to make the assigment as a paper. Which I think has made it more fun. :) Also we could choose to make a web version of the paper or some other assigment. We easily choosed the webpage. :) I made most of it. I put it online (comments are welcome) not finished totally yet. We are atm. almost done with the paper, so plenty of time next week to prepare presentation and stuff.

Since sometime monday I moped started driving really slow on even just very small uphills. This has caused I came pretty late to school some days, and I was planning to talk with a repair man about in next week. However suddenly on the way home today it began to drive faster on uphills again, on the middle of a uphill I could hear the motor begin to run faster, and the problem was gone. Now I only hope for it to stay gone. :)

WCup event 6 level is like max sax arse balle level!!.. Impossible to make good run.