Thursday, December 29, 2005


The 26 after christmas day at some relatives I played a little enigma, an hour max. After doing lab pro bounce and other stuff I might be able to do this finally. The day after I played some more and after some playing, I did it. I got 33, an improvement of around 17 seconds. It feels so nice doing all these shortcuts so easily.

So yesterday I played some serpents tale again. I made 1:07 with the new style some time ago, with a really mongo run. Didn't took much playing before I made the style again and got 1:01. This means my TT is now 44:20,xx. Getting more certain that I will be able to make two more minut limit breaks. Atleast 43 should be around the corner.

Short time ago I was really hoping for an elma 2 to come soon, but after my "rediscovering" of internals I really hope there will be past atleast a half year before elma 2. If it really is on the way that is.

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