Thursday, December 08, 2005

December 7. Lindsay Lohan

Wednesday is nice short school day, only five lessons. So early home and after usual eating, ircing and inet I saw The Parent Trap. Lindsay Lohan's debut movie. Sometime ago I decided to watch all Lindsay Lohan movies in a row. (meaning no other movies meanwhile). The parent trap is the only one I had not seen before. Quite a nice movie. :P This weekend I will try to watch as many as possible of the rest of the movies, but I will probably won't have time to watch all. petsen started talking about a mini meeting at his place. We have this party Friday so I could join them from Satuday. However I had forgot the annual family christmas dekorations making day, which is Saturday. The other guys are having problems with transport so might not happen. Would have been nice, but there's a new year around the corner and plenty of weekends ;-).

Christmas song of the day: Britney Spears - My only wish (This year)

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tijsjoris said...

hah I saw that movie too last weekend =)