Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December 6. Wishes

We had this presentation about education in third and fourth lesson, and due to some organization problems we were off in two first lessons. So I could sleep long, however I overslept. I was either going to take bus or moped, but I was up to late for bus so had to take moped, but was ok weather anyway, so no problem. Only got two mins to late. Tuesday is long day till 14:50 but helped with two lessons off and two with that presentation. At home I started some christmas wishes thinking, didn't went that well though. Haven't thought of much. Is problem everything I want is something you can get only from amazon or the like or something way to expensive. Xmas shows, lost, bed.

Christmas Song of the day: Juice, SOAP, Christina & Remee - Let Love Be Love


tijsjoris said...

damn, you call till 14:50 a long day?
I make days till 16:05 and only once i off at 15:15

Kopaka said...

poor you :(