Monday, December 05, 2005

December 3. Christmas

The third of December were the most christmas kinda day so far. In the afternoon I made brown cookies with my mom 8). We had to use honey instead of syrup, but they tasts pretty good. In the evening we putted up some christmas decoration. I finally decided how to reorganize my furnitues. Not much chances, becuase much of the furnitures can't stand in many different places, becauses of windows and such. So in the afternoon I moved the chair and the table, and also I took down all my posters on my walls. I have gotten alot of new ones lately I wanted to get up, and also I was getting bored of having them the same way for so long.

Christmas song of the day: Juice, SOAP, Christina & Remee - Let Love be Love

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tijsjoris said...

loal, you really love them posters =)

maybe i should make some photos of my new ones, they're really cool, because i just stole them from the supermarket ;))