Friday, December 02, 2005

December 2. The Goblet of Fire

In the last two lessons today in school we decorated our class room for christmas. Some of the decorations were a chokelade calender hanging from the roof on top of every seet. ;) In school before that I saw on my google ig startpage in People's magazine news that Jennifer Garner had given birth, the night before Thursday. A lovely discovement. I just hope it won't cause she get's too inactive with her movie career. An hour ago we got home from the cinema after watching Harry Potter The Goblet of Fire. Quite nice, amazing how they can keep them good and keep renewing. Already looking forward to the fifth. In ten minutes MTV Europe Music awards are sent on danish TV, so I'm gonna watch that. We don't have MTV anymore, plus there's no commercials during the show when watching it on danish TV, which is nice.

Christmas song of the day: Den Hemmelige Tunnel - Tak For En Herlig Dag

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