Friday, December 23, 2005

December 18. King Kong

Today we drove to Ålborg to get my brother. We had planned to walk some around in the city and then go watch King Kong in the cinema. So we got there, took a look at my brother and his two roomies new table football game. 8D Then we took down to the city. Some random shopping. For lunch we went to this place called "Duus' wineceller". Took around half an hour for them to make the food, so me and my brother went to this poster store ( ;-) ) while waiting. I bought a silk flag with Nigthwish on it. 8DD Pretty big. Food weren't that good, atleast not mine. Then a little more shopping before going to cinema. Nice movie indeed, just sad that Kong dies. :-I

Then we headed home and ordered pizza. :D

Christmas song of the day: None

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