Friday, December 16, 2005

December 14. Tragic Kingdom

Short day in school so time for another Lindsay Lohan movie. Today it was Confessions of a teenage drama queen. Still had some chips leftovers from monday so a nice afternoon it was :).

Later same day the QXL auction with No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom ended, I had only bid so got it for 1.34€. Max cheep for such an legendary album ;). Seller is kinda slow so might not come before next week.

Tried out some Labyrinth Pro bounce today, mostly train level but also some in real level. Found out that it's easiest with vsync off for some odd reason, normally everyone says bounces are easiest with off, lab pro must somehow be different. I got up on the platform once but didn't get the flower because I was facing left... For the first time in my elma life I thought I actually had a shot a doing the bounce sometime.

Christmas song of the day: Den Hemmelige Tunnel - Tak For En Herlig Dag.

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