Tuesday, December 13, 2005

December 10. Long day

Saturday morning only time this weekend I did have anything to do. In the afternoon some relatives were coming for the annual christmas decorations making day. 8D As always a nice day. Made to christmas hearts, 4 to and from cards and two elfs on sticks with nut hats. Afterwards I drove to Århus to petsen's place for the meeting. Longest drive I've done so far. Went well untill I got to Århus, used around an half an hour finding the place. But I got there, unpacked comp and we played a single battle before we went to McDonalds.

We we got back there were no parking places just outside his place so I had to drive backwards for a while, it was quite dark so I oversaw this small woodpost with metal thing on top of it and drove into it with the whole one side of the car. The car got a long deep scratch and 3 dents, one of which quite big :(. I think that's the first time I've ever said "oh my god" in present of other people ;). I drove in our new Peugout.

We got back in and played a few more battles and some random internals mostly. I made 57,70 in downhill, made 59 two days before at home. Had 1:03 before that. I should be able to get an even better time.

Christmas song of the day: De Nattergale - It's good to be a nissemand

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tijsjoris said...

cut the crap, you were just drunk! :P