Thursday, December 29, 2005


The 26 after christmas day at some relatives I played a little enigma, an hour max. After doing lab pro bounce and other stuff I might be able to do this finally. The day after I played some more and after some playing, I did it. I got 33, an improvement of around 17 seconds. It feels so nice doing all these shortcuts so easily.

So yesterday I played some serpents tale again. I made 1:07 with the new style some time ago, with a really mongo run. Didn't took much playing before I made the style again and got 1:01. This means my TT is now 44:20,xx. Getting more certain that I will be able to make two more minut limit breaks. Atleast 43 should be around the corner.

Short time ago I was really hoping for an elma 2 to come soon, but after my "rediscovering" of internals I really hope there will be past atleast a half year before elma 2. If it really is on the way that is.

Friday, December 23, 2005

December 20. Movies

Last normal school day. In spanish we saw start of 1492, in business economy we saw The Dukes of Hazzard and in danish the last of Hannibal. :D

Christmas song of the day: None

December 19. Trivial Pursuit

Second last normal school day. Hence we didn't do very much in the lessons, some random games and stuff. In afsætning I played trivial pursuit with teacher and four girls, I was on team with teacher and they girls made two teams. The girls got children questions and we got adult questions. We couldn't win then, one of the childrend questions were "What the danish name of the american TV-show friends?" :I

Christmas song of the day: None

December 18. King Kong

Today we drove to Ålborg to get my brother. We had planned to walk some around in the city and then go watch King Kong in the cinema. So we got there, took a look at my brother and his two roomies new table football game. 8D Then we took down to the city. Some random shopping. For lunch we went to this place called "Duus' wineceller". Took around half an hour for them to make the food, so me and my brother went to this poster store ( ;-) ) while waiting. I bought a silk flag with Nigthwish on it. 8DD Pretty big. Food weren't that good, atleast not mine. Then a little more shopping before going to cinema. Nice movie indeed, just sad that Kong dies. :-I

Then we headed home and ordered pizza. :D

Christmas song of the day: None

December 17. Doing nothing

Finally a day where I had like nothing to do. Well except english project. Didn't do that much, but enough. Damn, didn't went that well writing these every day, can't remember a fack what I did. :)

Christmas song of the day: Den hemmelige tunnel - Tak for en herlig dag

Saturday, December 17, 2005

December 16. One present bought

When I got home from school I saw some Friends and boogie (danish music program). Been three weeks since I last saw boogie, sucks. They send it every week. Afterwards I did some serious online christmas presents shopping. Ordered a DVD for my brother. I just hope it will arrive in time, ordered from cd-wow.

Otherwise pretty normal day. Had to pick up my dad around 1 in the night from company christmasa party. It began to snow in the evening.

Friday, December 16, 2005

December 15. Labyrinth Pro Bounce

It's soon christmas so I'm beginning to think of some christmas presents. Most likely gonna buy atleast for sister from

I played some more labyrinth pro in the evening. And suddently I bounce up to the flower, with a kinda weird hop, but somehow I got there and get's the apple. The words "oh my god" comes out of my mouth. I drives rest of level kinda safe, but still not too slow. 2:47,54. Around 37 seconds faster than the one time I (almost accidentily) set yesterday. This also means I got under 45 minutes TT with a smash. 44:45,54 now. Suddenly I got lots of motivation to play more internals.

A few years ago we, our family, rented this place to play badminton, one hour every week. Not that long ago we decided to do that again, and so today was the first time. Shape not that good and long time since I've played much badminton. At the end we played very short tournament, all played each other, I lost to my sister and father, so ended third.

Christmas song of the day: Britney Spears - My Only Wish (This Year)

December 14. Tragic Kingdom

Short day in school so time for another Lindsay Lohan movie. Today it was Confessions of a teenage drama queen. Still had some chips leftovers from monday so a nice afternoon it was :).

Later same day the QXL auction with No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom ended, I had only bid so got it for 1.34€. Max cheep for such an legendary album ;). Seller is kinda slow so might not come before next week.

Tried out some Labyrinth Pro bounce today, mostly train level but also some in real level. Found out that it's easiest with vsync off for some odd reason, normally everyone says bounces are easiest with off, lab pro must somehow be different. I got up on the platform once but didn't get the flower because I was facing left... For the first time in my elma life I thought I actually had a shot a doing the bounce sometime.

Christmas song of the day: Den Hemmelige Tunnel - Tak For En Herlig Dag.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

December 13. Suckage

Long school day. At home I downloaded rest of Counter Strike because irl friend asked me to play yesteday. Played maybe two minutes, then I tried the cheat I had but couldn't get it working and stopped playing. We heard today that it would cost 2685€ to repair the car, two whole new cars, good thing we have insurance.

Christmas song of the day: Britney Spears - My Only Wish (This Year)

December 12. Freaky Friday

School again. We are starting with some revision in a few subjects becuase of the tests around christmas. Math test 21 Dec. Spanish 5 Jan. Business Economi 6 Jan. When I got home I continued my Lindsay Lohan proect and saw Freaky Friday. I was home alone so I made a frozen pizza to eat whilst. However when I took it out of the oven I dropped it on the floor upside down. :-I So I had to make a new one. Second time I saw Freaky Friday, it's one of my favourite movies and have in my opinion the maybe best soundtrack of any movie. <3>

Christmas song of the day: None

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

December 11. Meeting

We got up, had a battle or two more, played more internals. Leeched from each other and played this fun game Lightbikes. To bad Zerox, nap and epp had to go home early, 2 o' clock. Me and vk stayed for around an hour more. We said farewell, I drove vk closer to busstop and drove home, well tried to that is, drove maybe 15 - 20 kms in the wrong direction. Got home around 17:40. Parents took the thing with the car quite nice. Then max relax rest of day.

Christmas song of the day: Juice, SOAP, Christina & Remee - Let Love Be Love

December 10. Long day

Saturday morning only time this weekend I did have anything to do. In the afternoon some relatives were coming for the annual christmas decorations making day. 8D As always a nice day. Made to christmas hearts, 4 to and from cards and two elfs on sticks with nut hats. Afterwards I drove to Århus to petsen's place for the meeting. Longest drive I've done so far. Went well untill I got to Århus, used around an half an hour finding the place. But I got there, unpacked comp and we played a single battle before we went to McDonalds.

We we got back there were no parking places just outside his place so I had to drive backwards for a while, it was quite dark so I oversaw this small woodpost with metal thing on top of it and drove into it with the whole one side of the car. The car got a long deep scratch and 3 dents, one of which quite big :(. I think that's the first time I've ever said "oh my god" in present of other people ;). I drove in our new Peugout.

We got back in and played a few more battles and some random internals mostly. I made 57,70 in downhill, made 59 two days before at home. Had 1:03 before that. I should be able to get an even better time.

Christmas song of the day: De Nattergale - It's good to be a nissemand

December 9. Christmas Party

Turned out that the small meeting was gonna happen anyway, but I was still going to christmas party(julefrokost) this night, so had to wait untill saturday to get there. Anyway I went to this christmas party at 6 o' clock. Was great fun, home around 2.

Christmas song of the day: Drengene Fra Angora - Jul I Angora

Saturday, December 10, 2005

December 8. Nothing

Long school day, nine lessons. Getting kinda cold driving to school on moped.

Christmas song of the day: None

Thursday, December 08, 2005

December 7. Lindsay Lohan

Wednesday is nice short school day, only five lessons. So early home and after usual eating, ircing and inet I saw The Parent Trap. Lindsay Lohan's debut movie. Sometime ago I decided to watch all Lindsay Lohan movies in a row. (meaning no other movies meanwhile). The parent trap is the only one I had not seen before. Quite a nice movie. :P This weekend I will try to watch as many as possible of the rest of the movies, but I will probably won't have time to watch all. petsen started talking about a mini meeting at his place. We have this party Friday so I could join them from Satuday. However I had forgot the annual family christmas dekorations making day, which is Saturday. The other guys are having problems with transport so might not happen. Would have been nice, but there's a new year around the corner and plenty of weekends ;-).

Christmas song of the day: Britney Spears - My only wish (This year)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December 6. Wishes

We had this presentation about education in third and fourth lesson, and due to some organization problems we were off in two first lessons. So I could sleep long, however I overslept. I was either going to take bus or moped, but I was up to late for bus so had to take moped, but was ok weather anyway, so no problem. Only got two mins to late. Tuesday is long day till 14:50 but helped with two lessons off and two with that presentation. At home I started some christmas wishes thinking, didn't went that well though. Haven't thought of much. Is problem everything I want is something you can get only from amazon or the like or something way to expensive. Xmas shows, lost, bed.

Christmas Song of the day: Juice, SOAP, Christina & Remee - Let Love Be Love

December 5. Monday

In second lesson we made presentation of the project I told about earlier. We got a nine for it. Then in english we started out induvidual project for real. Wrote like 5 lines. Home again, pretty normal day.

Christmas song of the day: None

Monday, December 05, 2005

December 4. Poster mania

So after taking all my posters down I had to choice which I wanted to get up, I counted that I took 37 posters down. First I sorted which once that had to get up and which ones I was sure should not up. So room was filled with posters all over. Took quite some time choosing and putting them up. After I had gotten all up I also wanted to put something new on some top shelfs to get some more renewing. I started short time after I stood up and including watching two christmas shows, an episode of friends, eating and some minor ircing it took untill 21:30. Now some pics.

Christmas song of the day: Britney Spears - My Only Wish (This Year)

December 3. Christmas

The third of December were the most christmas kinda day so far. In the afternoon I made brown cookies with my mom 8). We had to use honey instead of syrup, but they tasts pretty good. In the evening we putted up some christmas decoration. I finally decided how to reorganize my furnitues. Not much chances, becuase much of the furnitures can't stand in many different places, becauses of windows and such. So in the afternoon I moved the chair and the table, and also I took down all my posters on my walls. I have gotten alot of new ones lately I wanted to get up, and also I was getting bored of having them the same way for so long.

Christmas song of the day: Juice, SOAP, Christina & Remee - Let Love be Love

Friday, December 02, 2005

December 2. The Goblet of Fire

In the last two lessons today in school we decorated our class room for christmas. Some of the decorations were a chokelade calender hanging from the roof on top of every seet. ;) In school before that I saw on my google ig startpage in People's magazine news that Jennifer Garner had given birth, the night before Thursday. A lovely discovement. I just hope it won't cause she get's too inactive with her movie career. An hour ago we got home from the cinema after watching Harry Potter The Goblet of Fire. Quite nice, amazing how they can keep them good and keep renewing. Already looking forward to the fifth. In ten minutes MTV Europe Music awards are sent on danish TV, so I'm gonna watch that. We don't have MTV anymore, plus there's no commercials during the show when watching it on danish TV, which is nice.

Christmas song of the day: Den Hemmelige Tunnel - Tak For En Herlig Dag

December 1. Harry Potter

Long school day, till 15:40. We finished our sale/marketing (not sure of english name of subject) project. When I got home I had some food with mom and sister, while eating I decided to try to make a post here for each day untill christmas eve. Spend rest of afternoon with the normal ircing and such. After dinner I saw Harry Potter 3 with my dad on his comp (he had space for it, brother brought as mongo dvd image). Saw the second Wednesday and the first Monday on my TV together with mom, dad and sister. So that I'm ready now to watch the fourth tonight. Kinda good movies :).

Christmas song of the day: Pyrus - Cool Jul