Thursday, November 24, 2005


The night before Tuesday I had a dream about Jennifer Garner. (In case you should have missed, she is one of my absolute favourite actors and I have made this fansite about her.) I think something happened first in the dream I can't remember, however I was in my class room and most of my class mates were there, when this girl from my class, Malene, comes in through the door and says "Alias, Garner is dead." I began to feel terrible while sitting in the class. Appearently she in the dream were very known actor. Next thing happening is I sit in some room with some friends, maybe some computer room or something, though television was showed on atleast two of the screens. They were sending extra transmittings about her like every hour the whole day, interviews, biographies and such. I don't think much more happened, some minor things probably that I can't remember. It was a strange feeling waking up, still felt kinda sad, and had that weird feeling most of the day. It was the first time in many years I've woken up in middle of the night because of a nightmare. May it never come true.

Been playing some elma this week. I'm paticipating in the Pipe tournament and trying out the kon quest thing too. Didn't manage to get point in the kon quest 45 mins battle, but I think I can get good placement if I pull of the style I have in round 2, been very close. I don't think I will get through to next round of pipe tournament, well, don't really have an excuse ;).

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