Saturday, October 22, 2005


Have lately getting tired of the way I have organized my furnitures and stuff, so yesterday evening around 23:00 I made this.

Have been playing a little around with it but can't seem to find a better way to organize it yet. :/

Two days ago I kinda re discovered which is danish version of ebay. Didn't knew it still existed. After surfing around on it for a short time I had already made my first bid. There are so much cool stuff there ;-). Have two winning bids now, and only reason I doesn't have more is that you need this vertification of your adress with snail mail to to make more than two bids at a time, which won't arrive before Monday atleast.

I probably won't begin sell anything there, doesn't have the heart to get rid of any of my stuff :-).

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Abula said...

Heh, quite a nice way of reorganising furniture. I could try that too, hm.