Monday, October 31, 2005


Past week I have been browsing and bidding alot on QXL which I talked about earlier. I have already won some auctions, of which two of has arrived so far. This was four small Star Wars postcards 6€ and The Corrs - Forgiven not forgotten 3€. By the purchase of that CD I almost completes my The Corrs collection, only CD which I do not have is the Best of. Have had this on MP3 for a long time but never really heard it through. As expected it is really nice, one of their bests.

Some other auctions I've won is "The life and times of scrooge McDock" 55€, 264 pages book, in english, but with real sign by Don Rosa who wrote and draw it. :p~~ Beside this I've also won The Cranberries - No need to argue 1€, a 100 pages Ducktales book 1.5€, another smaller scrooge mcduck strip 1.2€, The Corrs - Unplugged DVD 10€ & Britney Spears cover for cellphone 6.5€.

Have found three more things I want which is still not finished and at a low price. This is a Natalie Portman autograph on a picture of her. Still no bids on it and 3 days left. Also another Donald Duck strip and some Walt Disney classics 1984. On those two my current bid is 1.2€

Bought the third season of Alias last week on some belgian site where I managed to find it cheap and with danish subs, using google ofcourse.

These purchases means not much money on bank account ;). Already used half of the money I have for November. But well :D.

Recommended by skint0r on his blog I tried uTorrent today. Which made me change to that. It should use less system resources, which is needed on my celeron laptop. But it also seems to be able to download so much faster. Nice.

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