Thursday, October 20, 2005

Filling the time with holiday

Been watching some movies lately, can't bother trying to make this post cronically.

American Pie Band Camp: Got quite surprised first time I heard about this, now it got released and I watched it late one night. It's something totally different, but I still got a little american pie feeling, which means something good. And such nostalgie with some of the same music ;-). Anyway a worthy addiction to the saga.

Family guy, Stewie griffen the untold story: Have come to like the series and have been waiting a long time to finally see this movie. Really fun.

Saw The good girl and Lucky Luke today. The good girl kinda different than I thought, not very fun, but rather good :)

It's getting late, this post didn't exactly turn out as I wanted, well, must try again tomorrow :)

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