Thursday, October 20, 2005

Danish elma meeting over

It's now some days since danish elma meeting ended. This is my fourt big meeting (been a two smaller ones with 3-4 persons), and as I begin to get them to know better and better it indeed get's more fun. :-) The playing itself didn't went as well for me as it did last time, where I won two battles and became second at 1 hour tt. But well not that bad either ;D I think I got many 3rd, 4th, 5th places, and we were around 20 kuskis. But we only wrote up top 3 so don't know for sure. And the 1 hour tt went fairly ok, I got third with 1 hour 46 mins. After around 10 mins of playing my keyboard started acting weird, sometimes nothing happened when I pressed keys, restarted elma and trying plugged it in another usb port, didn't help so had to reboot computer. This ofcourse took a lot of precious time, could have gotten a much better time. :/

This was first time I've had drivers license at a meeting, so I drove there myself. This was the first time I've ever driven more than 20 kms where I had to find way myself. Around 1½ hour drive, so was ofcourse a little nervous, but it went very well. Drove a lot back and fourth between the little city where it was placed and a bigger city called Herning where people came with train. :-)

Short before I left I made a new record in apple harvest (only internal improvement at meeting), only around a sec though to 1:50,20. However I played a little more few days ago and made 1:46,26 \o/. Quite satisfied. Now no more elma for some time ;-)

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