Monday, October 31, 2005


Past week I have been browsing and bidding alot on QXL which I talked about earlier. I have already won some auctions, of which two of has arrived so far. This was four small Star Wars postcards 6€ and The Corrs - Forgiven not forgotten 3€. By the purchase of that CD I almost completes my The Corrs collection, only CD which I do not have is the Best of. Have had this on MP3 for a long time but never really heard it through. As expected it is really nice, one of their bests.

Some other auctions I've won is "The life and times of scrooge McDock" 55€, 264 pages book, in english, but with real sign by Don Rosa who wrote and draw it. :p~~ Beside this I've also won The Cranberries - No need to argue 1€, a 100 pages Ducktales book 1.5€, another smaller scrooge mcduck strip 1.2€, The Corrs - Unplugged DVD 10€ & Britney Spears cover for cellphone 6.5€.

Have found three more things I want which is still not finished and at a low price. This is a Natalie Portman autograph on a picture of her. Still no bids on it and 3 days left. Also another Donald Duck strip and some Walt Disney classics 1984. On those two my current bid is 1.2€

Bought the third season of Alias last week on some belgian site where I managed to find it cheap and with danish subs, using google ofcourse.

These purchases means not much money on bank account ;). Already used half of the money I have for November. But well :D.

Recommended by skint0r on his blog I tried uTorrent today. Which made me change to that. It should use less system resources, which is needed on my celeron laptop. But it also seems to be able to download so much faster. Nice.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Have lately getting tired of the way I have organized my furnitures and stuff, so yesterday evening around 23:00 I made this.

Have been playing a little around with it but can't seem to find a better way to organize it yet. :/

Two days ago I kinda re discovered which is danish version of ebay. Didn't knew it still existed. After surfing around on it for a short time I had already made my first bid. There are so much cool stuff there ;-). Have two winning bids now, and only reason I doesn't have more is that you need this vertification of your adress with snail mail to to make more than two bids at a time, which won't arrive before Monday atleast.

I probably won't begin sell anything there, doesn't have the heart to get rid of any of my stuff :-).

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Filling the time with holiday

Been watching some movies lately, can't bother trying to make this post cronically.

American Pie Band Camp: Got quite surprised first time I heard about this, now it got released and I watched it late one night. It's something totally different, but I still got a little american pie feeling, which means something good. And such nostalgie with some of the same music ;-). Anyway a worthy addiction to the saga.

Family guy, Stewie griffen the untold story: Have come to like the series and have been waiting a long time to finally see this movie. Really fun.

Saw The good girl and Lucky Luke today. The good girl kinda different than I thought, not very fun, but rather good :)

It's getting late, this post didn't exactly turn out as I wanted, well, must try again tomorrow :)

Danish elma meeting over

It's now some days since danish elma meeting ended. This is my fourt big meeting (been a two smaller ones with 3-4 persons), and as I begin to get them to know better and better it indeed get's more fun. :-) The playing itself didn't went as well for me as it did last time, where I won two battles and became second at 1 hour tt. But well not that bad either ;D I think I got many 3rd, 4th, 5th places, and we were around 20 kuskis. But we only wrote up top 3 so don't know for sure. And the 1 hour tt went fairly ok, I got third with 1 hour 46 mins. After around 10 mins of playing my keyboard started acting weird, sometimes nothing happened when I pressed keys, restarted elma and trying plugged it in another usb port, didn't help so had to reboot computer. This ofcourse took a lot of precious time, could have gotten a much better time. :/

This was first time I've had drivers license at a meeting, so I drove there myself. This was the first time I've ever driven more than 20 kms where I had to find way myself. Around 1½ hour drive, so was ofcourse a little nervous, but it went very well. Drove a lot back and fourth between the little city where it was placed and a bigger city called Herning where people came with train. :-)

Short before I left I made a new record in apple harvest (only internal improvement at meeting), only around a sec though to 1:50,20. However I played a little more few days ago and made 1:46,26 \o/. Quite satisfied. Now no more elma for some time ;-)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Today I finally got my moped to repair man. I've had problems with the kickstarter for ages. It kept going loose. They finished it today too, only 23€ it costed. In school today our "afsætning" teacher told us our grades (for what we've done in lessons since summer holiday, getting rest on friday I think). I got 9, on the 03, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 scala. Kinda satisfied considering how much I've been doing in the lessons. But I know I can do better, and wanna.

Spanglish DVD arrived today. Think I'm gonna watch it tomorrow, I'm off from school alreay 12.05. As the thing I keep my DVD's in are now filled becuase of the five new DVD's I changed the way they are ordered in. Have know for quite some time how I would like it when it got filled. Before they have been ordered after when I got them, newest in buttom. So in the button I have all the new I haven't watched, or haven't watched on DVD. And in the top I have as many as there is space for, sorted after how good they are, the best in the top. I kept one space in the middle free so you can see different between the two sorts of sorting. There were three DVD's which there wasn't space for, I'm gonna put these in this DVD/VHS/CD thing I made in school in 8th grade, that is when I get some old PC games out of it.

Heh look at how much I wrote about that =D. Now Daddy called on me if I wanted to come get bread with cheese.

On a side note, my CD's are sorted alphabetically.

Only 3 days to elma meeting =DD.

Monday, October 10, 2005

"the line is a dot to you!"

Friends still cracks me up ;-). I'm watching season 4 rigth now.

So I got my The Corrs cd now over a week ago, was a little afraid because they said they were going to back to more traditional irish music, well it's different than last few albums, but it is a very nice album I think. Been hearing it around twice everyday since I got it. Sach <3>

I ordered T.A.T.U.'s new CD today, it got released today too. I choosed the limited version with a bonus dvd, even though I don't know what's on it, but only 2,25£ extra.

Ordered also some dvds last week. I got four of them on thursday (Sweet home alabama, 13 going on 30, The parent trap and Freaky friday. Last one is from so it hasn't arrived yet, probably will tomorrow (Spanglish). I saw Sweet home alabama sunday afternoon. Actually better than I had expected. Reese Witherspoon is really nice I must say :D.

Uhh only 4 days untill elma meeting. :DDDDDD

Monday, October 03, 2005

Danish elma meeting

Next danish elma meeting is aproching and we are still getting more attendings. There are now coming 24 people :o It is going to be the biggest danish elma meeting ever. And for the first time ever foreign players are coming, this is Cubein, BarTek, Luther and Thanatos. It is in two weeks. Looking forward to meeting the danish players again, have build up quite good friendship with some of them during the years. And also gonna be exiting with foreigners, but also kinda scary :/ Well atleast we hopefully won't have to talk english to each other.

..can't wait

Just too bad I'm missing a party with my irl friends. :(