Friday, September 23, 2005


Last friday I did two very good discoverings. I saw the danish music program boogie, which runs a list with 10 videos which are voted online, anyway I heard t.A.T.u.'s new song All about us. Well I had seen few days before they had made new, but didn't heard it untill then. Has really been looking forward to something new from them. The song really lived up to my expectations, another has to buy album. So after the program I checked CD-wow to see if the cd was released or when it would. It is released the 10 October. There are a special limited version with DVD included for only a few extra £'s, but haven't been able to find info on what's on it yet.

When I was surfing CD wow I saw something else. A CD from The Corrs which I haven't heard of, hence it's a new one. Sach \o/ feeling. The Corrs is one of my all time favourite bands. The new CD home is released the 26 this month, so I'm gonna pre order today.


tijsjoris said...

buy CD's? have fun wasting money

Kopaka said...

Have fun you too... IN HELL!