Thursday, September 29, 2005


During past days I have been working on last parts of new Kopasite. One thing really got on my nerves. The height of some of the cells kept fucking up. Tried a lot of things to make it work, even looked at the source at some other pages to get an idea, didn't help either. So I ended up just merging the cells and having all the stuff in same one, so no problems with the height.

Another thing that really can get on my nerves is how some stuff are different from browser to browser. Like the colour of the borders of the tabel. I make them black, but in firefox they are just the default "non colour". And .png pictures looks a little bit different in IE than in firefox. Have to make it .jpg.

Anyway the site is now ready for launching. Don't know exactly when I will do so, but I probably before the end of the week.

Still a lot of things could be improved and added on the site, but I wanna wait with that. Atleast all pages and links are fully functional, not like when I realesed current version where half of links didn't work at first :).

I would like to make some new contest together with the release but might wait with that, eventually just release now, then when I get new contest ready I make lauta topic about site and contests, or whatever.

Next version must be php ;-).


Abula said...

Welcome to the web designing world... well I think you've been here for a while already.

IE's CSS and PNG supports are incorrect, among other things. But usually there are working hacks for them. Just Google.

tijsjoris said...

heah at least opera supports it proper. :P

But I know what you're talking about. Try viewing my site with IE and opera and you'll see what I mean