Saturday, August 20, 2005

x800 with light

Tuesday I got the last parts for my new comp. So when I got home from school I started putting it together, didn't finish before wednesday.

Started by attaching ram and cpu to motherbaord, went fine.

After advise from jonkka motherboard was the first thing I screwed to the motherboard, now I could see that I had forgot the cpu thermal, so had to take cpu fan away again to put in under it.

I used the harddrives from my old comp, so had to take those out from it, quite dusty, still don't know what to do with the old.

Adding graphic cards, harddrives and such went quite fine too. However I had placed the two harddrives so far from each other than the cable wasn't long enough. Later I saw this little connector on the graphic card, as there stood something about a power connector in the manual I thought it was such, and there was no cable that fit into it, but after reading some on asus webpage I found out it was some older thing which isn't used anymore.

Everything is in place, attaching things like usb connecters what quite frustrating, one fucking connecter for each of the four cables, for both usbs on front. Finally time to turn it on. It works \o/ Notice the blue light from the graphic card, quite a surprise. :D
It wouldn't boot from the windows CD, but that was soon fixed by changing in the bios, and windows installation was started. Only thing not working was the power led on front, that was fixed later by turning the connector opposite.

Uhh what a sexy little thing :p~~

Have been trying Battlefield 2, NFSU2 and Lego Star Wars on it so far. And everything runs perfect in with high graphic settings. :D Had read that Lego Star Wars should be good, but is still surprised, it is really nice.


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