Tuesday, August 09, 2005

World Cup over

Last day of summerholiday, which also means that world cup is over, got a "dramatic" ending:

[10:59:09] (eat_me) helou
[10:59:46] (Kopaka) FAK MUST SEND: OOO
[10:59:52] (Kopaka) argh
[11:01:24] (Kopaka) fuck too late :/
[11:01:42] (MadMan^) ye 1 min :P
[11:01:47] (eat_me) go mail
[11:01:51] (Kopaka) ye
[11:03:02] (Kopaka) 14 events without sending too late, and I have to do it in the last one :/

I got 28 apples, I could probably have gotten a few more if I had played more, kinda regret now that I didn't. It's strange now to not always have a world cup level to play. Been thinking, and thing about stopping elma more or less again after world cup, will probably not happen, but playing amount will decrease a lot for sure. I just read in #wc5 that tijsjoris will start mopoking contest up again, maybe next goal could be to be no. 1 in that, seems duable. :D

I finished painting my moped few days ago, final touch was attaching an "8" sticker on both sides. Look is now pretty close to the elma bike. :P I will take some pictures of it later.

Sad it is, that summerholiday is over. However it does not really affect me much somewhy.

Today I could read on the page where I ordered my last computer parts that they will not get the motherboard before next monday, which means I will get it next tuesday. That sucks, but will give me some time to see some movies. :D


Anonymous said...

yesh, mopoking is to be continued.
and omg im featured in an irc quote, mighty lord ;0)

Alietje said...

Hello, I've got a new url for my blog, and I'm updating it. (July and August are still coming :P)And there are pictures.


Greetz, Alietje

Alietje said...

Must I create an elma-racing-bicycle then? :P Hope the pictures of the moped will come soon. I improved my site, but am still one month behind :D