Monday, August 08, 2005

..woops forgot headline

Saturday two of my friends held their 18th birthday together. They held it at this discotheque.. *Incoming mail* just a birthday reminder, ok back to story.. they held it at this discotheque where you can have a private party for free (instead they earn money from people buying in the bar), untill 23:00, at that time everyone can come in. Was a nice party, first half hour they had free beers, only got two because we got there a little late. At the party not many I didn't knew. Was dancing a little two times ;). Sometime around 1:00 I went pieing, and all my friends was gone, I decided to go to this other discotheque to see if they were there, half way meet one of them, and walked to a third discotheque where we found them :). Got home a little past 2. Then at home I checked irc before going to bed, jonkka had been at party too, just been a litte more lucky than me..

[02:11:11] (Kopaka[LaMe]) hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[02:11:18] (ZeroxCOS) Kopaka[LaMe]!!!!!!1!111
[02:11:20] (Kopaka[LaMe]) :D
[02:11:21] (Jonkka) ;D;D'
[02:11:22] (Jonkka) dk
[02:11:22] (Jonkka) gawrkjgh
[02:11:22] (Jonkka) ojrehj
[02:11:22] (Jonkka) åea
[02:11:26] (ZeroxCOS) did you get girls?
[02:11:35] (ZeroxCOS) guess how mant Jonkka get!!!!!!!!!!!! ;OOOOOOOOOOOOO
[02:11:54] (Kopaka[LaMe]) hehe
[02:11:56] (Kopaka[LaMe]) 2 ?
[02:12:01] (Kopaka[LaMe]) I nat got girls :/
[02:12:08] (Jonkka) 3 8-D
[02:12:11] (Kopaka[LaMe]) niice :D
[02:23:56] (Jonkka) im afriad hangover of teh summer tomarow ,D
[02:24:00] (Kopaka[LaMe]) haha
[02:24:04] (Jonkka) but ez worth teh
[02:24:23] (Jonkka) made out with three girls 8-D

Yesterday evening I saw Bridget Jones 2 with my brother and sister, pretty fun movie :).

This morning I had driving lesson at 9:00, had to cycle there :/ Lesson went better than last time, eventually I might even pass final test :D, which is in only 11 days. I hadn't gotten any breakfast before going there, so cycling home became quite painfully for my stomach, had become quite hungry. But I'm just never hungry when I've just woken up, atleast haven't been during holiday, on normal school days I can usually eat just when woken up, strange.

So painfull to have a Radeon x800 card lying around when you can use it. Motherboard, ram, dvd and psu haven't arrived yet. For the first time in my life I'm looking forward to the day where I start in school, because it will probably arrive that day :).

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