Thursday, August 04, 2005

Post Danmark Rundt

Post Danmark Rundt is the biggest danish cycling race, it has 6 stages on 5 days. First stage went on and around Mors, the island I live on. So we went to see it, me, my brother, sister and mother, my dad was at work. At around noon we took just on the other side of the water to see them on an uphill. Waited in the car for some time, and then first 3 attackers came, between them Jens Voight, could easily regonize him. 7 minutes later the peloton came, went rather fast even on uphill, no easy to see anything, but did see Bjarne Riis in the CSC car.

Then we went home for lunch, and afterwards we took to Skive (my brother had to work now, so he didn't went with us there) where they ended, in the city they drove a circuit around 4 times, so we could see them 4 times. We stood 15-20 meters after the finish line. Not easy to see anything because of people, umbrellas and the like. Ivan basse attacked with 2 rounds left (the voight group had been caught), so we could see him. He won the stage. Afterwards when they got their jerseys on we couldn't see much either, I think it was only me who could see it, as I'm taller than my little sister and mother. When we walked back to our car we saw Bjarne Riis again in the CSC bus, for a very short time he looked right at me, or atleast could had, I bet he could see the talent in me...