Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Next generation sweeping boi

So yesterday my father calls my on my cellphone from work (he works same place I used to work). He asks me if I can come their tomorrow (today) and teach a new boy how to do the work I used to do, and I'm like "sure.. :/". My father doesn't have anything to do with it, kinda irritating they can't ask me directly, instead of going throw my dad. But anyway I cycled there today tought him how to do it, not that it's that hard to figure out, but well. Was kinda funny telling someone how to do. Now only looking forward to see if I get over 18 pay for it :). Later today my dad got them to write a reference (note you can send to a new place, where you are trying to get work).

Been looking more on computer lately and are now ready to order, probably will do that tonight, uhh and I found a danish site which had the cool case I wanted. NICE! :D And they got the ultimate computer store name "Computerbutik" (butik means store).

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