Friday, August 26, 2005


Been driving to school all days this week except Tuesday. Yesterday I had four people with me, two who was going into the city and two who lives a few kms next to me. After first guy got out of car I forgot he has his bag in the boot, so just started driving again, luckily for him some of the others in the car saw him waving so I stopped again. :P

One of my class mates also drove some people into city, so he followed us most of the way. Later he was ahead and I tried to drive by but didn't succed. :/

Today driving home I parked on parkinglot and filled fuel on for first time. At first I drove on wrong side of fuel station. :/

School is starting to speed up with some bigger asignments and such.

Wednesday I was in cinema with two friends, watching Batman Begins. Such nice it was. <3

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